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AUTOGRAPHED COPY - When Perfection Isn't Perfect - Hard Cover

AUTOGRAPHED COPY - When Perfection Isn't Perfect - Hard Cover

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When Perfection Isn’t Perfect is for all who feel they are broken, alone, have no hope in their future, and those who seek a true purpose for their life.   This true story is the quintessential story of a life guided by God, but taking detours because of a human desire to choose the direction of the journey. Thankfully, God did not give up on me in His true purpose for my life. My imperfect life took some interesting turns from crippling childhood anxieties to a desire to end my own life after believing there was no future or purpose for my life.  My life took a positive route after a Divine encounter and a deliberate change in perspective on my part to seek the positive aspects of life.  A life story that includes an unlikely path of sports participation and an eventual perfect national collegiate football record that stands today as a testament to the amazing blessings God provided in my life.  

The truth is, we all are placed on this earth with a purpose: some are called to overtly great achievements others admire, while others, equally important, provide the inspiration and support making life worth living.  All are intricately woven into the tapestry of life and one cannot exist without the other.  This is a story of God’s grace, redemption, and the development of insight and purpose for the most unlikely individual, me.  It demonstrates the tools I was able to employ that got my life back on track with the “Farrell 15” - the core traits of empathy, support, humility, selfless service to others, and a strong belief in God’s power to overcome any obstacle in life and provides tools you can use to find God’s purpose in your life. My hope is you will be able to find life lessons in my story to enrich your life and develop a clear uplifting picture of your purpose so you can share your destiny with others to make this world a better place. 

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